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Why use QM lubricants?

Because of their unprecedented low friction in engines, gearboxes, and hydraulic systems. This results in:
Longer lubricant life:
In practice, our lubricants last extremely longer than traditional products.
Higher fuel efficiency:
20% reduction in Zero-load losses, lowering fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions.
Lower oil temperature and thermal load:
Less friction results in lower peak temperatures (better combustion chamber cooling), often below the critical point whereby NOx emissions occur. If DeNOx installations are required, this may result in smaller installations.
Reduced maintenance costs:
Our lubricants form a unique protective and continuously moving film on friction surfaces, reducing wear and corrosion.
Smooth and stable operation:
Thanks to lower vibration and noise levels, our lubricants make delicate (high-tech) processes less vulnerable.
Better cold start performance:
Lubricants are pumped around much more easily, even at temperatures well below -30 degrees Celsius.

All results were obtained through realistic test procedures.

DEX QM Premium Lubricants - performs better, longer and more durable

Tests confirm time and again that DEX QM lubricants significantly reduce friction in engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems, making them run much smoother. In other words: you get more energy out of the same amount of fuel. DEX QM lubricants also reduce the temperature in engines, often to below the critical threshold for NOx emissions. As a result of the very powerful cleaning and sealing process that takes place under the influence of Dex oils, lost power also returns. DEX QM Heavy Duty Premium Lubricants are now even more noticeable in the sales channel.

A new lubricant technology with more benefits

Quantum Mechanics focuses on the forces and motions present in molecules and atoms.
The friction surface attracts oil molecules transformed by QM technology, on which they form a continuous moving layer. This highly polar process also completely cleans engines.
Dex Oil uses these forces to give the oil molecules a new structure, and thus an extremely strong form. QM technology starts at the level of base oils that are used by blenders to create end products through various recipes. These recipes consist of additives that are added to the base oils.
By using Dex QM technology, Dex Oil creates a product that performs much longer, better, and more durable than products without this technology. Dex QM technology strongly improves properties such as extremely longer lubricant service time, high emission savings and lower fuel consumption.

Our engines are being stressed so much that we usually have to completely change all lubricants after about 250 hours of operation. When using Dex QM Premium Lubricants, this is no longer an issue: we are already over 9,000 operational hours, and the lubricant is still doing its job fine. The engine runs smoother, and the oil is still in excellent condition.

Frequently asked questions

No, because the Dex Quantum Mechanical enrichment process does not affect the chemical composition of the base oil. In addition, all additives prescribed by the manufacturer of your equipment are blended conform ISO certification into your requested lubricants. Our product therefore exactly meets the manufacturer's specifications.
The Quantum Mechanical treatment of the base oils takes place in our own facilities in the Netherlands. Then all the additives needed to achieve the exact specifications of your lubricant are added by independent ISO certified Blenders.
Our lubricants are enriched at the base before any other additives are added. That is the big difference. Additives change the chemical composition of a lubricant. We look at oil molecules at nano level and change the way they behave. This change significantly reduces friction and wear, even before any additives are added.
The actual profit is determined by a series of variables. So, with the right information about your equipment and working processes, we can estimate the savings. 20% of Zero-load losses, resulting in energy savings of about 5% across the power curve, have been reported in many tests.
The name and type of the lubricant you are using now is sufficient. European legislation requires the ingredients of any commercially available lubricant to be disclosed. Thanks to our cooperation with our ISO certified Blenders, we deliver a DEX QM end-product with exactly the same specifications as the product you are using now.


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TNB is an independent, Dutch lubricant blender for maritime customers and automotive brands. They supply high-quality lubricants to oil majors, brand owners and distributors.

TNB has direct access to the port of Rotterdam, which means they can work efficiently. Their in-house expertise, flexibility and packaging capacity make them a reliable solution for automotive lubricant brands. The access together with the high capacity factory, expertise and flexibility means TNB can offer its marine customers a fast and accurate service.

In addition to bulk bunkering capabilities, the advanced packaging lines cater for all lubricant needs, ranging from 1 to 1,000 litres of packaged products.



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