Renewable energy

Good for maintenance and power

From offshore wind turbines to off grid oil and gas installations, less maintenance means lower costs and a higher return on investment.

Dex Premium Lubricants last extremely longer than traditional products, reducing maintenance and lowering maintenance costs. The significant reduction in friction also ensures that components last longer and that output - and therefore your return on investment - is increased.

Why use QM lubricants?

Longer lubricant life
Higher fuel efficiency
Lower oil temperature and thermal load
Reduced maintenance costs
Smooth and stable operation
Better cold start performance

Our engines are being stressed so much that we usually have to completely change all lubricants after about 250 hours of operation. When using Dex QM Premium Lubricants, this is no longer an issue: we are already over 9,000 operational hours, and the lubricant is still doing its job fine. The engine runs smoother, and the oil is still in excellent condition.