Energy & Renewables

Friendly on maintenance and improving power output

From offshore wind turbines to off-grid oil & gas installations: less maintenance means lower costs and higher ROI.

Dex’ nanolubricants last up to 10 times longer than traditional products, cutting down on maintenance time and costs. The substantial reduction in friction also keeps parts in better shape, as well as boosting power output – and thereby your return on investment.

Why use nano-lubricants?

An extended lubricant lifespan
Higher fuel efficiency
Lower oil temperature and thermal load
Lower maintenance cost
Smooth and stable operation
Better cold-start performance

The strain on our engines is so considerable that after around 250 working hours, a complete change of lubricants is generally needed. Dex’s nanolubricant changes the rules of the game: we’ve already clocked up more than 2,400 working hours and it’s still doing its job. The engine runs more smoothly and the oil is still in excellent condition.