Heavy equipment

Reliable performance and lower emissions

For a healthy return on investment, heavy equipment must first and foremost be reliable. Breakdowns and downtimes must be kept to an absolute minimum.

Our lubricants form a protective, elastic layer on friction surfaces, keeping parts in pristine condition and shielding friction surfaces from direct contact with solids. They last up to 10 times longer than traditional lubricants, saving on cost and maintenance time. And the much lower friction achieved by our lubricants also increases fuel efficiency and helps reduce emissions.

Why use QM lubricants?

Longer lubricant life
Higher fuel efficiency
Lower oil temperature and thermal load
Reduced maintenance costs
Smooth and stable operation
Better cold start performance

Our engines are being stressed so much that we usually have to completely change all lubricants after about 250 hours of operation. When using Dex QM Premium Lubricants, this is no longer an issue: we are already over 9,000 operational hours, and the lubricant is still doing its job fine. The engine runs smoother, and the oil is still in excellent condition.