Lower emissions, lower fuel bills

Whether you are operating a fleet of lorries, ships or rolling stock: using Dex nanolubricants will help you increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Real-life tests confirm that our lubricants considerably lower friction in engines and gearboxes, which further results in higher power output. In other words: more energy from the same amount of fuel. They also reduce the temperature in engines, often below the critical threshold for NOx emissions.

Why use nano-lubricants?

An extended lubricant lifespan
Higher fuel efficiency
Lower oil temperature and thermal load
Lower maintenance cost
Smooth and stable operation
Better cold-start performance

The strain on our engines is so considerable that after around 250 working hours, a complete change of lubricants is generally needed. Dex’s nanolubricant changes the rules of the game: we’ve already clocked up more than 2,400 working hours and it’s still doing its job. The engine runs more smoothly and the oil is still in excellent condition.