Case Studies

Our customers benefit from the advantages Dex Premium Lubricants nano-lubricants have to offer every day. In order to give you an impression of the practical results of the use of our oils, we’ve provided several Case Studies and test reports below.

Case Study: Generator Set
By applying Dex DP1 10 W40, the oil no longer requires daily refills or changing, resulting in savings of 37,5% and uninterrupted operation for 1.900 hours.

Case Study: Reverse Gear
Reduced energy consumption of 28 kWh, resulting in a fuel reduction of 6 litres per hour and reduced oil consumption in the gearbox of 1.000 litres.

Case Study: Riva Prosecco
Very strong noise reduction, reduced heat development, lower friction, no soot emission from the exhaust, longer oil lifespan and lower fuel consumption.

Case Study: RCT - Spiegelgracht
Substantial noise reduction (up to minus 3,4 dB) measured directly above the gearbox at all speeds when using Dex DP2 ISO VG100 oil.

Test report HD4
Fuel savings of 7% result in an annual CO2 reduction of 260 tons and an estimated reduction of NOx-emissions of at least 15%.

Test and oil analysis Bais Beheer BV Shipping
Reduced friction between moving parts thanks to Dex oil, with exceptional results in both engines and gearboxes.

Test report Ovet B.V. - Crane 8
Lower operating costs (shutdown time), extended gearbox lifespan, substantial fuel and energy savings and increased reliability.

RDA Shiptech - RVI Inspection Report
The engine appears to be cleaner under the valve covers; in general, the state of the engine remained unchanged when compared to the previous inspection.

Premium Heavy Industry Lubricants
Less downtime, lower fuel consumption, lower lubricant consumption, temperature reduction, noise reduction & NOx reduction with Dex 10W-40