Dex Premium Lubricants in six steps

Dex Premium Lubricants do not derive their effectiveness from mysterious additives. Using nanotechnology, we enrich the base oil and change the way the lubricant itself behaves. A tailor-made process in six transparent steps.
We sit down with customers to discuss the exact specifications of the lubricant they need. Any commercially available lubricant can be tailor-made in a nano-enriched version.
In our dedicated production facility, the base oil for the lubricant selected by the customer is processed and enriched with nanoparticles.
In this process, the nanoparticles ‘curl up’ carbon chains in a tightly packed ball. The enriched oil is chemically indistinguishable from the original base oil, but once used will behave differently.
The enriched oil is transported to Transnational Blenders’ facilities, where the oil is mixed with any additives needed to achieve the agreed specifications.
Once used, Dex Premium Lubricants create an ultrathin but highly elastic film of ‘oil spheres’ between the surface and the lubricant, radically reducing friction.
The result: a lubricant that meets all the specifications set by our customer (and the OEM) yet delivers a superior performance.